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Ekalus Staff

We have a Staff team working on and in Ekalus to make everyday work run smoothly. These Staff members do work voluntary for Ekalus, but have to follow certain guidelines. In this article we explain what every Staff does around Ekalus.

General Manager
Is responsible for every other manager. The other managers report to the GM. AKA the owner of Ekalus. 

Hotel Manager
Will create and execute events, competitions and campaigns for Ekalus. Is also the responsible one for keeping the news up-to-date on our homepage, created the Ekalusrazzi (newsletter) and is the head of our builders -and eventsteam. 

Community Manager
Responsibilities are mainly to manage our Staff team (Coordinators, Ekola's, Ambassadors), managing Customer Support/Helptool and the Staff who are answering tickets, Staff training, Safety news articles, Safety campaigns and to maintain Staff KPI's.

The ones who wander around Ekalu to moderate the hotel. Coordinators will answer Call for Helps and are keeping the hotel safe from the bad guys. Besides this they are senior over Ekola's and Ambassadors while also assisting the managers with their daily duties.

The Ekola's are a project created by Ekalus to assist the Coordinators with their daily duties to moderate the hotel. They have less powers than the Coordinators, but are still key in keeping our community safe. They answer Call for Help tickets and can kick, ban, alert and mute users when deemed necessary.

The ones who know everything about Ekalus and love to share this information with others. They are also the ones who welcome the new users and act as brand ambassadors. They have the ability to moderate rooms with some buttons that are specifically designed for Ambassadors.